Open Primaries In New Mexico

In June 2020, New Mexico experienced historical voter turnout for its primary election. According to news reports, the 2020 New Mexico primary election was,  “incredibly high at 40%, or six points higher than 2016 and 15 points higher than 2012”. The Albuquerque Journal called turnout in the 2020 New Mexico primary election, “the most this century”. Amid the COVID19 pandemic and national protests against police brutality, New Mexican partisan voters came out to vote in historic numbers.

This record voter turnout in the primary election had a major impact on New Mexico’s political landscape and unfortunately independent and declined-to-state voters did not have a voice in that historic transformation. The results of the primary election have changed the face of New Mexico’s federal delegation and state legislature for an entire generation. Everyone should have a voice in their Democracy.

As your State Senator, I will support open primary elections in New Mexico. As a voter not registered as one of the two major parties, I strongly believe that your perspective and voice as a New Mexican should be included when we choose candidates to represent our state.

While I support open primaries, it cannot become a reality without help from you and the rest of our community. Change does not happen in a vacuum, but I am committed to working with you to change the legislation in New Mexico so your voice can be heard in future elections.

You are an invaluable community member and together we can bring a voice to the Roundhouse that will be heard, only our division will be ignored.