Lordsburg Educator to Primary Longtime New Mexico Senator

Lordsburg, July 2019
For immediate release:

Lordsburg educator and former Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of New Mexico, Neomi Martinez-Parra, is considering a run for the New Mexico Senate which will primary the current Democratic incumbent, John Arthur Smith. Senator Smith has held the District 35 seat for a total of 30 years and resides in Deming, NM.

“I have been to the homes of my students and have seen the struggles,” said Martinez-Parra, who began her teaching career in 1993 as a classroom assistant. She later transitioned to an assistant director with early childhood education that funded Montessori schools, group homes, and migrant programs for Pre-K support, while she attended college. She now holds a Master’s degree in Special Education, and has been a teacher for the Lordsburg Public Schools. “I have worked with students who have a hard time transitioning and are in need of post-secondary resources. Our students have been affected by the many issues this area faces.”

Lack of healthcare resources are also important issues affecting the area and are a major concern for Martinez Parra as a candidate. She and her siblings are caretakers for their elderly mother and have had to navigate the complicated system that makes it difficult for rural New Mexicans to have equal access to healthcare. “There have been times that I’ve had to drive all the way to Deming or Las Cruces for adequate medical attention. Hidalgo County does not have a hospital. We have a clinic that closes at 5pm and is closed on weekends.

“Our clinic, EMS, and Nursing home is understaffed and often times cannot provide the level of care that families like mine need”, Martinez-Parra said as she has experienced firsthand the difficulty of caring for an elderly parent with medical needs. She believes that the medical professionals in the area have gone above and beyond to do what they can, but while they are not at fault, the quality of care has been difficult for her and for her family.

Martinez-Parra will stand for the values that benefit the people in her District. This District encompasses Doña Ana, Hidalgo, Sierra, and Luna County. It also represents a large part of the border with Mexico, which has been at the front and center of the national debate on border security. Martinez-Parra said she looks forward to listening to the people of the District during the campaign, and to always be a voice for her District. She says that Housing is an issue in Lordsburg, where there is a Border Patrol Station. Unfortunately, due to its proximity with Arizona, many federal agents choose not to raise their families in the area, which she believes hurts local businesses and could be a driver of the local economy to the District. The agents that choose to live in the area often have to share housing with other agents and are only here temporarily.

The New Mexico Primary will take place in June 2020, and while Senator Smith has not announced if he will run for re-election, Martinez-Parra vows to work hard to win the nomination for this seat. “I want to work hard to represent the people of my District, and those who may not always have a say in the matter. It is time for our Senate to work for the people of New Mexico, so everyone has a better future and can thrive, especially in rural communities like my own.”

For more information, visit her website: https://neomi4nmsenate.com


Contact info: Luis Guerrero, Campaign Manager
Organization: Guerrero Political Solutions
Contact phone: (575)635-3354
Contact email: lguerrerops@gmail.com