I am Neomi Martinez-Parra, and I am running for the State Senate to represent working families in the roundhouse. My priorities are education, access to healthcare, the wellbeing of working families, and their economic recovery.

I am a special education teacher who lives in Lordsburg with my husband, daughter, and elderly mother. My heart is with my students and their families. As a teacher, I see how difficult it can be for students and their families to thrive in rural New Mexico. Opportunities and resources are limited and the situation with our public education system can make teachers, students, and families feel helpless. Despite the challenges, I believe that as a community we all cherish our children’s future, and this common ground can be a cornerstone in improving our public school system. My goal is to use the experience I have as an educator to bring the voices of our students, parents, and teachers to the table when shaping public education policy in the state.

I am a caretaker for my elderly mother, who worked her whole life to provide for her family and stood against adversity so all her children could thrive. As her caregiver, I know how our inaccessible healthcare has compromised my Mom’s recent life. There have been multiple times when I have to drive my mother all the way to Deming or Las Cruces for medical treatments or appointments. It’s unconscionable that when someone gets sick or has a health emergency in Senate District 35 families have to drive well over one hundred miles or into another state to receive healthcare.

My grandparents were entrepreneurs who owned a corner neighborhood market in Lordsburg. The “Arredondo Grocery” would bustle every day with customers. Our main street was thriving. They wanted to ensure that our community had a future with rich opportunities in order to prosper. Today, not only are our local businesses shuttered but so are our hopes and dreams. Southwestern New Mexico deserves a future. I understand that small and local businesses are the backbone of America because they provide jobs for families and a future for our children. As a Senator, I will aggressively seek opportunities to bolster our local economy and market the beauty of our communities.

For too long we’ve had a representation that prioritized corporations and profit above people. For decades we have made investments in roads for gas and oil companies to increase their access to their leased drilling sites, so they could reduce transportation delivery time and costs. While that might be good for big business, the price is being paid by neglecting our much-needed social services and education. We saw nominal returns on those investments as taxpayers, alternatively our community has seen our way of life deteriorate before our eyes.

I saw teachers, students, and working families being left behind and I decided to run for the State Senate to bring a voice to our community. In the primary election, we made history and reshaped our future in New Mexico for a generation, but now we need to continue the fight and win in November.



As an experienced educator, my goal is to bring the voices of our children, parents, and teachers to the table when shaping public education policy in the state. I advocate for the full funding of education with an emphasis on teacher’s pay and investments in the classroom. I support a 1% or more increase in funding from the land grant permanent fund for early childhood education.

Economy & Working Families

Our community’s economic welfare is in dire straits; we need state and federal government coordination to assist with our recovery. We cannot ignore the problem or take the trickle-down economics approach that has been used in state budgeting for so long. Those approaches have not worked for New Mexicans, it’s time to start investing in the people, all people, of our state and not just on large corporations.

Health Care

I believe healthcare is a right. My focus will be to create a coalition of municipal, county, state and federal government partners to marshal resources, funding and capital outlay to plan and invest in healthcare facilities and services throughout the district including the expansion of telemedicine. It’s unacceptable that when someone gets sick or has a health emergency in Senate District 35, they have to drive hundreds of miles or into another state to receive healthcare. In order for New Mexicans to thrive, I will fight for quality and accessible health care delivery.


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General Election: Tuesday, Nov. 3rd, 2020

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